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10 essential apps that will transform the way you work from home

The modern workforce has changed drastically since the pandemic. Following a range of health and safety protocols, companies have pivoted to work-from-home set-ups or staggered time arrangements. As a result, employees found themselves answering emails and attending meetings in the comfort of their homes, blurring the line between professional and personal.

While wearing a suit paired with pyjamas has become the new norm, surviving the virtual working environment needs essential apps to help you organise and deliver key outputs.

Here are the hidden gems to help you navigate what is arguably one of the most challenging and stressful times in modern history.

Apps for remote working productivity

1. Yac

Unfortunately, with text-based communication we can miss the things we hear in normal conversations such as tone, pitch and vocal emotions, leaving room for misinterpretations. Yac helps avoid miscommunication by revolutionising voice messaging for teams from different time zones. The audio messenger platform allows users to collaborate by recording a voice message and sending it to another person. You can also send audio to more recipients by creating a group where you can invite team members to follow instructions or updates, reducing the number of meetings and increasing the focus on accomplishing your tasks.

2. Meet Now in Skype

Video conferencing, online meetings, and webinars have boomed since the first quarter of 2020. Skype released Meet Now to help organise virtual meetings seamlessly. Users join the video call through a unique link and do not need to get a Skype account. All they need is to download the app to connect and sign in as a guest. Meet Now stores the recorded meeting for up to 30 days, allowing allows users to review and take notes.

3. Screens

Left files on the computer at your office? This is where Screens comes into the picture. While tailored for iOS and an excellent choice for iPad and iPhone users to access and control their remote Mac, Screens also works for PC. Now, you don’t need to bring files with you as Screens helps you access them as if your Mac and PC are in front of you.

4. Jumprope: How-to Videos

If you want to film an instructional video to train your team or share a skill with your colleagues without the hassle of using complex video editing software, Jumprope is for you. The app lets you record professional-looking step-by-step tutorials and share them on social media platforms in various formats. It comes with a plethora of templates and easy-to-use editing tools that will let you create personalised tips for colleagues and friends.

5. Dolby On

Podcasts and live streaming are also useful when we can’t discuss and converse face-to-face. Dolby On is a new app that lets you record audio materials such as podcasts or demos without cutting-edge recording equipment. Think of it as a portable studio, but all you need is your phone (and a quiet corner, of course). This also helps content creators and musicians who can’t go to a proper studio due to travel restrictions.

6. Tot Pocket

Tot Pocket is a new scratchpad that takes note-taking to another level. What is unique about the app is it categorises the text you collect into seven different pages linked through color-coded dots at the top of the interface. Stored texts can be synced across iOS with themes that apply through night and day.

Apps for keeping your sanity

7. Fabulous

Pandemic restrictions and working from home can easily throw out your routine, and with the dog barking to be let in and another load of washing staring you in the face, it can be hard to achieve even the simplest of goals you might have set for yourself. The Fabulous app uses behavioural science to help you form strong, positive habits to help you “live your best life”. With vivid illustrations and motivational prompts, this app might be just what you need to help you keep your sanity.

8. Wakeout

While the app has been around since 2014, its popularity has skyrocketed during the pandemic. It can be easy to forget to exercise when you are busy working at home, or perhaps you can’t make the gym due to travel restrictions. This Apple iPhone app of the year gets you up out of your chair and into some simple exercise routines that will help keep your body active despite being stuck at home.

9. Loona

Sleep is vital to helping you achieve goals in your professional and personal life. With Loona, you can wash away stress, worries and negative thoughts with curated stories based on your preferred narratives, sounds and playlists, from mystical settings such as a fairy-tale castle to the soothing sounds of ocean waves gently lapping upon a golden shore. As we look into potentially another tough year, it is little wonder Loona was rated Google’s best app of 2020.

10. Caribu

What better way to connect with your loved ones than by using the family-friendly app called Caribu? This exciting new app is especially fun for grandparents and other family separated from children as a result of lockdown restrictions. Caribu’s interactive video call features allow you to colour, paint and draw with your little ones, play games and read stories with all their favourite characters!

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